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Acoustic. Electric, Bass and Guitar Paks,  Acoustic. Electric, Bass and Guitar Paks, - THIS IS THE ULTIMATE AFFORDABLE PAK. GREAT SELECTION NOW!

We are famous for our "Brand Name" super guitar, drum, acoustic and bass paks for the very young interested beginner. We have specially lowered the prices on Fender+ Squire guitar and Bass paks. We priced around for you and you'll save $50-$100. Wow.

Books Books -
We do have the largest supply of all books from R.C.Piano,Country, Classics, Pop and Rock fearuring all of the newest guitar personalities from the Beatles to Clapton to ACDC. Complete learn to play, styles for violin and harmonics to banjo flue and sax.

Drum Hardware Room Drum Hardware Room - You name it, we have it, including the largest selection of accessories.

Check out our drum hardware room. We have a wide selection of hardware single and double pedals.We also have a great selection of drum books and CD's to learn from. We carry the largest selection of sticks and heads!

Drum Paks etc. Drum Paks etc. - This month we have the new line of Westbury drums.

Don't forget! Just arriving are the new Westbury "Steel Look Series" drum kits, and the newest model of Pearl drums which is the Forum series in colours.Top line equipement. Also we have Junior drum kits form $149.95. Check for in stock. Wow!

Fender CD 60 guitar pak Fender CD 60 guitar pak - A very smart purchase to make.

Wow! Here is the #1 Fender CD 60 guitar pak. It comes in sunburst, black, natural and mahogany. They are a great very affordable price with 1 year warranty. THE SUPER SPECIAL NOW IS. BUY THE GUITAR AND WE WILL GIVE YOU A $100.00 FENDER HARD CASE "FREE".

Fender Guitar Packs Fender Guitar Packs - We now have a variety of guitar packs on hand including Fender

Do we have the best deal on guitar Packs by Fender or what? We have new lower prices and it all includes:Fender Squire guitar, bag, strap, tuner, strings, picks, and a Fender killer 15 watt amp w headphone jack. All set up and ready to go!

Fender Guitar Paks Fender Guitar Paks - We now have a variety of guitar packs on hand including Fender

Do we have the best deal on guitar Paks by Fender or what? We have new lower prices and it all includes:Fender Squire guitar, bag, strap, tuner, strings, picks, and a Fender killer 15 watt amp w headphone jack. All set up and ready to go!

Gift Certificates Gift Certificates - WE HAVE GREAT STARTER PACKAGES TOO!

When you don't know what to buy for a musician, get them a Gift Certificate" for any amount you wish to spend, and you will make someone very happy.The will have a thousand ideas to spend it at Guelph Music. Money well spent...


Straps, cords, strings, picks, cables,tuners, metronomes, books, guitar wall holders, triple guitar stands, music stands, microphone stands, string winders, pick holders, polishing cloths, microphones, headphones, direct boxes, cymbals, sticks n more.....

Guitar Humidity? Guitar Humidity? - GET YOUR HUMIDIFIER SOON!!!
List Price : $ 19.95 Our Price $16.95
You may not realize it, but your guitar does require proper humidification from October thru April. Guelph Music is one of a few stores in Canada that is properly humidified at 45%. See us about getting your guitar humidified now and it will sound great!

Guitar n Bass Tuners Guitar n Bass Tuners - Best quality, accuracy, electronics on sale now!

We ahve the largest selection of tuners around. We have Quick tune from $13.95 and Seiko new models from $24.95 and $34.95 for chromatics.We have Fender tuners and pedal tuners by Fender, Boss, Korg from $79.95.Intellitouch clip on too!

Harmonicas Harmonicas - WE HAVE ALL THE KEYS N ACCESSORIES!!

We have the very best selection of Hohner Diatonic and Chromatics along with Lee Oscar super harps. We can help pick the right harp for you whether it is for blues, country, or just beginning. We have great books also w /cd to play along!

Metronomes Metronomes - Best quality, accuracy, and electronics and affordable!

We have the traditional styles and the newer electronic metronomes in stock. Electronic Quick Time now on for $29.95 w free battery included. Seiko electronic best brand name and accuracy $49.95 w battery included. Ask us for a demo...

Rhythm Instruments Rhythm Instruments - Great Gift Ideas from Guelph Music!

We do have a great selection of various drum accessories from bongos, maracas, sticks, cowbells, agogo bells, congas, hardware stands and adapters,drum cymbals by Sabian and Zildjian, junior drum kits and even triangles and many more toys for you..

Straps Straps -
On Special For only $7.95
We do have a large selection of straps for all guitar, banjos, mandolins in all kinds of designs and leathers and cotton fabrics with many colours to choose from. They always make the perfect gift.We sell Levy's Leather Straps. #1 quality leather.

Strings Galore! Strings Galore! - Major lower prices here now..

We have a huge selection of all guitar, bass, acoustic, classical, mandolin, banjo, violin and ukelele strings in stock. We have a super deal on Martin Darco Acoustic Bronze strings. Two packs for $9.99. We even have single strings! New lower prices..

Super Gift Ideas! Super Gift Ideas! - Selection, Service, Quality. Best pricing for 20 years!

We have already had a large number of people buying everythig now. Anytime you come into the store and you see it, you like it, don't walk out without it, as you may come back in a few days and be disappointed.Do a layaway deposit and we'll hold it!

YSM-1 Store Demo Speakers YSM-1 Store Demo Speakers - The deal of the week!

The deal of the week! While they last! We have 5 slightly used YSM-1 unpowered speakers for sale, Used only by staff. They are in perfect condition and sound amazing with any stereo system. Bone, buy them all. $75.00 each. This is about half price.